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Greetings from Dreamforce 2014: Three topics for the Finnish CMO (B2B and B2C)

I’ve been told that some twenty years ago, the best way to be a successful consultant in Finland was to go to a conference in the States, and then return to the motherland and preach whatever new and exciting things that were hot topics in the US at that time. You would usually be able to work with those themes for a couple of years, until again updating your rap by visiting a conference.

Obviously, this no longer holds true, but I still wanted to share the themes that caught my attention during the mega-event of the worlds most innovative company, Salesforce. These are areas that I suggest that CMO:s (or other C-suits) pick up on in the near future, to keep up with the development of the global competition.

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How to fix the funnel?

The sales funnel is dead. The funnel is leaking. Flip the funnel. You see quite a lot stories about the demise of the sales funnel. But like it or not, the funnel metaphor is here to stay. And we shouldn’t worry about that, but rather focus on the […]

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