Our mission statement

We are worried about the competitiveness of the Finnish B2B industry, which is the backbone of our economy. This is the reason for founding this network, and we invite you all to join the movement. We have tried to crystallize our thoughts in the mission statement below. Do you agree? Sounds like you should be part of our network. Join here (takes approx 10 secs).

The world has changed, forever. Thus, Marketing has got to change.

It’s not about the latest marketing fad, it’s not about the latest digital buzzword. It is about a much larger change – where automation and data in the future drive the work we currently do manually. And the added value that we, marketers, bring relies on understanding the data, operating the technologies and being quick enough to catch on to the newest developments, before our global competition does. Globalization brings pressure, as it no longer is relevant where you have offices – customers will find whoever knows how to play the Internet game the best, wherever in the world you are located.

If we do not change fast enough, the Finnish economy is doomed

B2B Industrial companies are the backbone of the Finnish economy. We need sustainable global competitiveness for the sake of, well, surviving. Increasing price sensitivity, cost-cutting programs and the economic downturn are no reasons to postpone decisions that will have an impact on your topline, as well as on efficiency within sales and marketing.

Change is hard, and we are not known for being the first ones to jump on the bandwagon

Because we know Finnish industrial companies, we know that it is not that easy. Our customers and partners tell the same story about challenges related to internal sales and education, planning and budgeting, stakeholders that simply don’t understand the new role of marketing and the low priority marketing traditionally has had. With a few exceptions (that frequent all of the industry events, preaching their success stories), Finnish B2B industrial companies have so far been very slow with jumping on the digital B2B marketing bandwagon. We want to make that easier by providing a forum for discussion, information, tools and thoughts on how to create that internal sales pitch, inspiring stories, news about technological advancements. We want to provide a platform for B2B Marketing development.

It’s a movement, and everyone’s welcome to join

We believe that we can’t do this alone. And by doing this together with you, our partners, customers, friends and competitors, we can create something lasting. If Finnish B2B marketing can take the next step, we all win. Not only us providing services in the field, but the entire Finnish society. That’s why we are inviting you. If you share our vision and want to be a part of creating the next wave of Finnish success stories, step in and join the movement.

Image: © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.arCC-BY-SA-3.0

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