Buying has changed. So has marketing and sales. And the change is speeding up. What will the CMO’s world look like in 2020?

The idea behind CMO 2020 is to bring B2B marketers together in a community that fosters innovation and growth. In this blog we present our latest insights and curate interesting bits of knowledge for marketing enthuasiasts – growth hackers, CMTs, CMOs and, of course, those who will be the CMOs of 2020! Read our mission statement and join the movement here.

Who’s CMO2020 for?

  • Anyone with an interest in B2B marketing and sales
  • Representatives from the industry, marketing service providers, academics and students – everyone’s invited!

What does the network do?

  • Blog (cmo2020.org) with insights and curated interesting contents by the network members (want to contribute – email us!)
  • Newsletter with latest blog contents, monthly reads etc. Maximum once / month – we won’t spam you and you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter
  • Events for marketing executives, partners, service providers

Who’s behind CMO2020?

The authors of this blog are professionals in B2B marketing and they have a mission to save the Finnish economy by means of better marketing! Want to contribute and have your face here? Let us know!

20130117 KEKSI, Avaus Oy, Kuva: Teemu Kuusimurto.

Emma Storbacka
Emma Storbacka is the head of Avaus Marketing Innovations’ B2B offering, and has extensive experience from marketing transformation in B2B organizations of all sizes. Besides working with the topic on a daily basis, she is also pursuing academic research at the Hanken School of Economics on how the requirements for data driven marketing is changing the daily lives of marketers.



Henri Syvänen
Henri is passionate about sales and data. He helps Finnish B2B companies to transform their sales and marketing with data-driven approaches. He has also studied how lean methodology can improve sales effectiveness and co-authored a book on the subject. Henri works at Avaus Marketing Innovations as a manager.


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