CMO2020 Monthly reads: March

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Monthly Reads

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Venturebeat: Comparison of Marketing Clouds

VB Insight has conducted a huge study on all the major marketing cloud providers. Looking at VB’s global score it seems that Adobe, Salesforce and Marketo are the ones on the podium positions. IBM gets bashed a lot. There is a grand comparison of the most-used features too:



Overall, the categorization is a bit tricky – e.g. marketing automation and personalization are separate categories. One interesting fact is how far away adtech is from the top. We at least see that combining adtech with martech will be a winning combination.

For those who want to dive deeper in to the full report, it can be dowloaded (for $499).

Take a look

Chiefmartech & Foundation Capital: Marketing tech will grow 10X in 10 years

In addition to the growth figures, CMO will become Chief Experience Officer and own the end-to-end customer experience. Is that a bold statement or not?


Read it here

On referrals and consensus in B2B sales

We have linked two articles here. The first one by eMarketer tells that referrals (customer and employee) drive the highest conversion rates in B2B – both at pre- and post-opportunity stages. Read it here

If the first article was just about scratching the surface, the second one goes well beneath it. In HBR blog, three authors from CEB reveal that an average B2B buying process requires 5.4 persons to formally sign off a purchase. So how to reach consensus? First, create a common language and shared perspectives among those involved in buying process. Second, motivate mobilizers. Third, Equip mobilizers to be effective. Read it here


If the first article told you that yeah, you should have referrals, the second tells you that mobilizers are best ones to be giving those. And as an example, the authors refer to Marketo’s  “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation” which is a great example of giving a concrete toolkit for the mobilizers.

Image: Tarvasjõgi / Ireena Trummer
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