CMO2020 Monthly reads: December

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Monthly Reads

Want to keep up with what’s new in the world of sales-driven marketing? Want to ensure you’ve read what you should be reading? We will hook you up with the latest and the greatest links to blogs, slideshare, videos and demos each month. (Want to receive these as an email monthly? Sign up here)

HBR: 7 marketing technologies every company must use

This article sums up different aspects of marketing tech. We really like the ending: “There are no silver bullets, and it’s a poor marketer who blames their tools. If you’re new to digital marketing, you’ll need to work with people who have a holistic view of marketing technology and don’t just want to steer you toward the one or two that they support.”

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Toprank roundup: 11 B2B marketing reports and a killer infographic

We curate the curated – check out this list of reports done by Toprank blog:


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Chiefmartec: What will happen with marketing technology in 2015

In this article, Chiefmartec’s Scott Brinker has many great insights for the year 2015 (and be sure to read also this article Mr. Brinker refers to).

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Image: a stentor reading the day’s news to 6200 subscribers (1901) / Wikipedia
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