CMO2020 Monthly reads: October

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Monthly Reads

Want to keep up with what’s new in the world of sales-driven marketing? Want to ensure you’ve read what you should be reading? We will hook you up with the latest and the greatest links to blogs, slideshare, videos and demos each month.  (Want to receive these as an email monthly? Sign up here). This month we’ll focus on the best bits of Slideshare!

Andreessen Horowitz: Mobile is eating the world

These venture capitalists claim that the future of technology will be the same as the future of mobile. They also back their claims with simple, yet powerful graphs.

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The fourth wave of content marketing

Cut the long story short: content should be interactive!

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KISSmetrics: Unlocking the growth engine

The founder of has a point here: growth is about process, which in turn depends on combination of quantitative and qualitative research.

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Image credit (cc license): Primus Inter Pares
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