Is shyness damaging Finland’s economy?

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Business Insider recently wrote about Finland’s shyness problem, stating that Finland needs to start advertising how great it is. This is our view too – CMO2020 was also created to tackle this shyness. But we want to address a couple of issues related to the article:

We agree – the Finnish brand and Finnish products are not well-known. We all have first-hand experiences on this one.

We disagree – the Finnish government cannot lead the change. But our companies can.

For instance, the article mentions Germany as a producer of high-performance cars. Is this the result of German government branding the car industry? Nope. The companies have done it – their products, their marketing and their sales. Why haven’t we succeeded in Finland then?

Finns have not been that successful when it comes to selling things. And traditionally, going abroad was all about selling in its true meaning. However, now it’s all about “nerdy” marketing – digital means and technology. And we are great at nerdy technical things in Finland already! So why not take advantage of our skills and apply them to digital marketing?

Sure, it takes time for organizations to realize all the benefits of marketing tech and digital data-driven marketing methods. But our experience shows that Finnish companies can already be at the forefront of modern marketing. And we all know that our products are great. So we just have to start thinking big, as one former bodybuilder said at the Nordic Business Forum!


Image credit (cc license): Lobke Thijssen
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