CMO2020 Monthly reads: September

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Monthly Reads

Want to keep up with what’s new in the world of sales-driven marketing? Want to ensure you’ve read what you should be reading? We will hook you up with the latest and the greatest links to blogs, slideshare, videos and demos each month.  (Want to receive these as an email monthly? Sign up here).

Chiefmartec: Marketers regularly use over 100 software programs

One of our favourite bloggers, Scott Brinker of has created a blog post showing how many softwares a typical marketer uses. An interesting notion is that Marketers often use more software than they actually realize, often amounting up to 100. And another interesting fact, is that IT isn’t involved in most of them. Most likely there should be quite some room for alignment there then, right?

IT vs Marketing Software

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IBM and Salesforce are bringing analytics tools that literally have the answers to your questions about your business

This literally has the data analysts drooling. Imagine having a complex set of data, on top of which you have a layer of textual artificial intelligence, a robot that can answer your questions like “what should I do more of”, and “where’s the greatest growth areas in my business”. Talking about data-driven – this will be huge. When will a computer be replacing your CFO on the board?

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McKinsey: Getting the CMO and CIO to work as partners

How should CMO’s and CIO’s collaborate? One solution is to create translators between the two:  HBR:s “Chief Marketing Technologist” is one solution to this. The other one is to just simply try to get along, which means the basic boring story about having aligned processes and incentives, transparency between teams and learning by doing. Shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

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Image credit (cc license): Jens Schott Knudsen
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